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Vehicle + Truck Maintenance Before Your Winter Road Trip

Before taking that winter road trip, check out these vehicle and truck maintenance tips to make sure your ride is in the best condition to get you wherever you’re headed.

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Checking your vehicles battery is one of the most crucial things to do before heading out on your winter road trip.

You can get your battery tested with us or check it at home with a multimeter. If your battery reads 12.7 V or lower, it needs to be charged or replaced.


Tire condition is an important consideration for your safety with winter road conditions. Your car’s tires will influence your safety on the winter road conditions. Ensure they are in good shape by inspecting tire sidewalls, tire tread depths, tire tread patterns, and tire pressure before your adventure. If you have questions on the life of your tires or would like to learn about other tire options click here.


Before you hit the road, check the condition and level of your car’s fluids. Your cars fluids are important to keeping things running smooth in winter conditions as they are at risk of thickening and freezing – damaging vehicles components.

Engine oil is essential to helping your engine run smoothly. Without it, your engine can overheat and wear down faster. Engine oil also lubricates the internal parts of your engine, including the bearings, pistons, pumps, and seals.

Coolant/antifreeze is also important for regulating the engine’s temperature so it doesn’t overheat. In the winter, it’ll also stop the water in your engine from freezing.

Brake fluid applies pressure inside the braking system to allow your vehicle to stop properly. It also protects your brake system from corrosion by retaining water, thus preventing brake failure.

Transmission fluid keeps the inner parts of your transmission system lubricated.

Power steering fluid is often forgotten about, especially since many steering wheels today use electricity instead of hydraulic power. If your steering wheel does use fluid and you start to notice a burning smell coming from it, it’s the perfect time for a fluid change.

Windshield washer fluid isn’t critical to keeping your car on the road, but you still need to keep your windshield clean to give yourself a clear view while driving.

Our Parts and Services team are here to answer any questions you might have or to assist in your pre-road trip maintenance check.

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