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You may find this hard to believe, but tires are sensitive and they’ll wear differently if something is off, you’ll know your Edmonton tire tread is trying to tell you something. This can include inflation, alignment, suspension or brake issues.

Center Tire Tread Wear

Take a peek at your tires. If you see the center strip of your tire is more worn than the sides or edges of the tire that means your tire is overinflated.

Overinflation causes tires to bulge in the center, meaning this is the spot on the tire connecting the most with the road.

✔️  Follow your tires’ and car’s recommended psi.

Side/Shoulder Tire Tread Wear

If your tires are showing wear on the sides/edges/shoulders more than the center, this is a result of underinflation. Irregular tread on your tires can eventually lead to alignment issues if left untreated.

✔️  Follow your tires’ and car’s recommended psi.


Feathering can be felt when running your hands along your tire and is a result of excessive toeing of your tires. The toeing is causing your tires to interact to the road like cheese interacts with a grader. Feathering can also be a result of aggressive driving and driving around corners too quickly.

✔️ The problem can be fixed with a wheel realignment. 

Heel-Toe Wear

Like feathering, but the ramp runs from front to back, not side to side.

✔️ Heel-Toe wear can be rectified with regular tire rotation.


Cupping is when your tread begins to show patterned scalloping or scooping indentations. Cupping is most often an issue with suspension or suspension components including bushings, ball joints, and springs. In rare cases, cupping can be the result of an out-of-balance wheel.

✔️  If you notice cupping, take your vehicle in for immediate inspection and repair.

Outer Edge Wear

When the outer side/edge is wearing faster, it can indicate a few things, not all alignment. It could be an indication of positive camber or tow-out alignment issue. Outer side wear is seen on tires whose drivers take turns too quickly.

✔️  Slow down and save your tires.

Inner Edge Wear

When the inner side/edge is showing more wear this is an indication of negative camber or toe-in alignment issues.

✔️  The problem can be fixed with wheel realignment. 

Flat Spot Wear

If your tires are showing normal wear, but have a noticeable smooth spot or spots, this is flat spot wear. It is a result of emergency braking. However, it can also indicate brake problems or an issue with your brake’s foundation.

✔️  If you do not recall taking a sudden stop recently, have your vehicle’s brakes checked immediately.

It is important to regularly have your tires inspected, balanced and rotated. Time to schedule an Edmonton Tire appointment to fix a potential issue?  


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